Hifi audioonline are conartists


I purchased JL Audio XR-525 CSI speakers and when I received them the box had been opened and was crushed, the tweeters were not in the box, and the crossover covers were tarnished and appeared that they have been used before.I bought these thinking they were new but I think they were trying to pass off a refurbished incomplete set as new, well they got caught.

When I called to let them know what happened they told me to ship them back and after they received them they would ship another set. So after waiting a few weeks no word from them. I called to find out that they didnt have another set so they refunded my money without ever sending me an email or phone call. This place is a scam and to prove it the lady on the phone said their inventory shows they still have one set in stock but they are the bogus ones that I returned, but I can see on their website they are still advertising them.

Do do business with these crooks you'll be disappointed.This. Usiness sounds like it is being run out of someone's apartment. When they don't answer the phone the message machine is some ladies personal voicemail with no mention of the company name.

Their hours also say pacific time but they are on the east coast and don't answer the phone according to pacific time.Watch out for this scam!

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